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How's My Driving?

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Original color of the glyph: Golden - Aligned to Vector Prime. Glyph's tiers.

- September - 2012: The gold of the Glyph is more vivid.
- December - 2012: The Glyph itself has grown in size by about a third


Blurr is more aware of where and when he is. Not so much as an addition to his system on his display but a difference between having a vaguely idea of the distance/time It would take him go go somewhere it and knowing exactly the number of hours/minutes/seconds that it would take him to get there.

It's automatic, doesn't take any extra processing power, and works outside the Haven. From now Blurr will always know where he is, even if he was blindfolded and his own tracking systems weren't working.

He has no excuse for being late to anything, anymore, oops.

-May - 2013: The gold of the Glyph is strong and sure. In addition, there is a strong outline of violet around it.


During the next week or so after his glyph changed Blurr was more aware of the secondary glow outlining his glyph, more energetic, feeling young and fit and oddly lacking in any old pains or bruises.

From then on, Blurr's body seemed to know itself far better: how to repair itself beyond any normal, innate functioning and how to be more efficient. Any injuries he receives only take half as long to heal as they used to. Food or fuel seems to provide a bit more energy than before, keeping him energized up to a third longer. He can out-last and out-heal any other normal member of your species, especially in any sort of dire situation.

It's mostly subconscious, but the strange perk seems to hover just outside of conscious knowledge and control.

-June - 2013: A gold glow has appeared around your Glyph. In addition, there is a strong outline of violet around it.


Blurr gained the ability to fly, though he has to learn how to control it properly first. Nonetheless, even with no physical changes, he can now move through the air with as much concentration as walking, ascending at about half your normal speed and descending at about double.

This applies to his Alt-Mode as well.

-July 18: The gold of the Glyph is more vivid. In addition, there is a strong violet outline around it.

-October 18: The gold of the Glyph is more vivid. In addition, there is a strong violet outline around it.

-December 19: The gold glow of the glyph flares brightly, before resettling into a shimmery glow of obvious power  (3th t. In addition, there is a strong violet outline around it.


"Once again, your character is going to feel a bit different for the next week or so: more aware of their Glyph, more conscious of their surroundings and the feel of time




From now on, your character will find that time...is not so far outside of their control as previously thought. With experimentation and effort, your character will find themselves able to create a 'bubble' of unique space-time, large enough to affect a single person at once. Both the art of speeding time and slowing time is now open to them with but a touch.

Surrounding themselves within a speed-bubble could allow them to walk calmly among seemingly frozen enemies, or to dash into a dire situation and prepare to save a friend from a critical hit. Placing a slowtime-field around a foe could render them motionless, time grinding to a halt within their own perception alone.

It can only be used three times per day, and becomes increasingly exhaustive each time. Using it on yourself is far easier than maintaining the field on someone else, and it only lasts for a maximum of approximately five minutes of relative time before becoming too difficult to maintain. It will take effort and concentration to learn, more-so to master; your previous tier bonuses will be invaluable in directing it."

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"Hello good day This is Blurr I am not available at the moment please leave a message."

[accepts text; voice; video]
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CHARACTER SERIES: Transformers Aniamted
( O O C )

1. Backtagging: Yes.
2. Threadhopping: Yes.
3. Fourth-walling:  No
4. Canon puncture: No.
5. Offensive subjects : Go ahead.

( I C )

1. Hugging this character: He will be either confused or awkward, depends on who is touching him and why but sure, go ahead.

2. Kissing this character:  Again, go for it. His reaction will just depend on the situation and person doing the kissing.

3. Flirting with this character: Yep. He will be surprised that anybody would show interests in him.

4. Badtouching this character: Feel free at your own risk. He will defend himself if he gets too uncomfortable.

5. Fighting with this character:

6. Injuring this character (include limits and severity):
Yes, just let me know first please.

7. Killing this character:
Ask me first please.

8. Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: I rather not unless it's for a really specific plot/thread. Ask me about it first then.

9. Body-swapping with this character: I'm okay with it, it's always a lot of fun. Just let me know first.
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